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Testimonials From Harcourts Team Members

I have been part of the Harcourts network since July 2012 and I have held a variety of positions during this time. From my initial contact with Tony Morrison and the head office team in Launceston, I have received constant information and support as to what will best suit the needs of my team. 

I have found my experience with the Harcourts network so far to be a very positive one.  The support and assistance I have received from many members of the head office team in Launceston has enabled my transition from P.A to the Principal to becoming the Principal of our office to be relatively smooth.  The training I have attended has been relevant and professional and my quarterly accountability meetings with Tony has helped me to set achievable goals and keep me on track.  It is terrific to work with an organisation that makes you feel like part of the family and no request is too much trouble to attend to, I’m glad we chose Harcourts !
Robyn Harvey, Licenced Manager – Harcourts Coast & Country Ulverstone

The Future Leaders program which Harcourts offers has really helped me with going to the next level with my career.  I have had more happy client testimonials, outside work I feel relaxed and proud that I work for a world class brand and I really love telling people where I work.  The culture of Harcourts I would describe as exciting, passionate and caring and a second family to me.  I love how everyone is part of a big team and how management take the time to say hello to you.
It is a rewarding job, fun and the people that Harcourts employs have that sparkle about them. They just don't employ anyone.  I am finding opposition agents want to work for Harcourts and the brand helps me in appraisals as I am genuinely finding the opposition agents fear going up against us.  The Harcourts One system is amazing and I talk about this in my appraisals as a point of difference.
Overall, I would recommend Future Leaders to anyone - take a jump and do it!   Get your auctioneers qualification and be brave and bold and I would encourage anyone to turn up to the training offered as it is world class training  and I know the Corporate Team do care and they want everyone to succeed.
Jason Andrikonis, Harcourts Northern Suburbs - Property Consultant

Working for Harcourts has been wonderful... From day one! The promises made at the interview were delivered!  There has been ongoing training, the team atmosphere is supportive and infectious and everyone from the people in my office to the head of the company has been on board and approachable.  People are rewarded and appreciated and there feels like there is a community of sharing ideas and knowledge to better everyone - from one-on-one help sessions with the state manager to success stories from the company’s top sales people everyone has been happy to help, which I think is pretty amazing in such a competitive industry. 
Not to mention the technological backing, the corporate marketing campaigns, the companies contribution to the communities it operates in AND that nice feeling that you are a valued part of a well-oiled machine that's always striving to be the best and is actually often reaching that goal. I've worked for a few multinational companies and none have cared this much for the little people. It's a great team to be part of and it seems like the sky's the limit!
Hannah Katz, Property Consultant – Harcourts Huon Valley

Since joining Harcourts I have been very impressed with the training, support and leadership provided by the Harcourts Training Team and Harcourts head office in Launceston.
I am also very excited by Marcus William's national vision for growth and believe the suite of products offered by Harcourts Complete give Harcourts agents a huge point of difference in the current market.  Having our own CRM system in H1 gives us the ability to lead the field in technology, so important these days to be at the cutting edge.
While these factors are important, what has impressed me the most are the people that have been attracted to Harcourts.  Dedicated, focused professionals that just want to be the best they can be and a great culture.  We are all individual franchises in the group, however there is a real sense of team within the state and its fantastic to be able to speak to colleagues who operate in different geographical areas and markets.  Watch out for Tassie Harcourts in the years to come, we consistently punch above our weight!
Jerome Theissen, Sales Manager – Harcourts Signature

Since I joined Harcourts Coast and Country I have found them a fabulous organisation to work for. From the initial interview stage I was made to feel really welcome. I began this life changing job after working in a factory environment for the past 23 years so it was a major career change for me.  Once I had started the support and basic training within the office environment was excellent. I then went on to attend training at the head office in Launceston, everything from using the H1 database system, online marketing and the use of Facebook for promotion.  I also attended short course workshops on listing presentations, how to speak to buyers and vendors and the art of negotiation which were invaluable.  Harcourts Tasmania also bring over mainland guest speakers to help us get the best advice for the current market. How to get the best advantage from your database and how to make your clients friends for life!  I now confidently feel that if I have any questions, it is just a matter of picking up a phone and there is Harcourts support when you need it. A real Business team network!
Wendy Poynton, Property Consultant - Harcourts Coast and Country

I made the move from a smaller lesser known business within the industry, to be honest at first the thought of moving to such a well-known market leader was daunting.  I soon realised that the offer I received from Harcourts Launceston was simply too good to pass up.  They have delivered on their promises of the best in state property management training and genuine support during my transition.  The Harcourts group have certainly opened my eyes to the scope of opportunity available within the brand. Everyone at Harcourts has a clear direction, personal goals and strives to be their best possible self.  I am now more excited than ever about my career in real estate.   I strongly believe that Harcourts has been the best possible move for me.
Meegan Woodcock, Property Portfolio Manager – Harcourts Launceston

I started my career in Real Estate with a small, locally owned firm.  At the time I was inexperienced with the Industry and thought with my personality this would be the right decision.  I didn’t take into consideration the work culture, the mix of staff and also the training that may have been provided.  I was there a bit over a month when I figured out that this wasn’t the ideal place of employment for a young Property Consultant who has a desire to be an industry leader.  With a work culture that didn’t really have any feeling or buzz about it, a lack of training that is vital to progress and development, having no real support amongst the team and company, lastly the lack of office leads that came through with a company with a small profile.   
The moment I walked through the door I knew that I had joined a team that is the industry leader in the Launceston region and state of Tasmania for a reason.  I was and still am impressed with the support, training, the team culture and the way things operate in such a professionally ran business.  I was teamed up with an experienced agent to learn the basic day to day procedures and how things are done around the office.  We still share listings, ideas and the support from him and the rest of the team and staff is still there, something I thought would off dropped of once I had found my feet a little.  The way Harcourts looks at training and the resources it uses to deliver training really makes it an industry leader.  I’m fortunate enough to have our state trainer based in our Launceston office, having weekly catch up’s to discuss the progress of my work, working through iStart 24 which is a 24 week training program for new people to the industry and also new consultants to Harcourts, and having someone that offers the best support and advice someone new to the industry could ask for.  Another thing I have been overwhelmed with is the amount of business that Harcourts gets through its large profile.  A steady flow of leads coming through the office, through Property Management and also other contacts that Harcourts has in place.  This offers a good bit of security to a job that is based on results.  Where a smaller company will feed their own mouths before giving off leads as I witnessed with my last employer.  All that I have mentioned and with a work environment and culture that makes you look forward to getting out of bed each morning, I don’t think you will find a company more enjoyable and rewarding to work at than Harcourts.  If you’re thinking of getting into the real estate industry I strongly recommend don’t start your career anywhere until you have spoken to your local Harcourts office.
Tom Allison, Property Consultant – Harcourts Launceston

I had been in the real estate industry for nearly six years, I was happy at my previous agency but I knew if I wanted to get to the next level I was not going to do it there and the company was not heading in the direction I wanted to be. To date, making the move was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in life, at the time I didn't really know if it was going to be "greener on the other side' and was very unsure of how I would go getting established again because I know how hard this is to do. But it didn't take long for me to realise that I had made the right decision. My business grew immensely and the support I received from Harcourts was excellent. The training, support, and systems are fantastic. It's so nice to be with an agency that is leading the way when it comes to marketing, technology and of course being number one in our state.  The Harcourts culture makes work a pleasure and is very evident at functions, training and award presentations.  I wish I had of made the move earlier.  If you are thinking of joining Harcourts - just do it! You won't look back, with Harcourts the sky is the limit!
Matt Grice, Property Consultant – Harcourts Burnie